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Space is attracting increasing attention today. During last few years some commercial space companies have been opened, such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic; there were plans for manned missions to Mars, such as Mars One and Inspiration Mars Foundation; more and more countries start their space programs. All that leads to cheaper space flight and to the popularization of science and cosmos in general.

This site is a little image search service on the narrow subject - space and everything connected with it. We collect thousands of pictures and show them to you directly from their sources aggregated by their tags and topics.

Service use

Pics-about-space.com is free for anybody for any use. You have unlimited views and downloads.

IMPORTANT NOTE: See chapter Image using.



We don't have any rights to the images. We don’t use images for commercial purposes. We search for images and display their sources if it’s possible. All images that you see here are taken from public sites and we don’t know the real owners of the displayed images, but we specify the source at which image was displayed initially.

If you are have copyrights abuse see chapter "Copyrights abuse".

Furthermore, all images aren’t uploaded to our servers, all images will be displayed directly from the server at which they are loaded, and the images can be hidden. If it’s possible, the service shows the source (website) at which the picture was originally shown.

If you want use images from pics-about-space.com

If you want to use pictures, you must find the original rightholders. They can be found by source link on the image pages or by using engines for similar images searching (such as Google Images or TinEye)


Directly pics-about-space.com doesn't collect personal information about visitors. The Service collected only impersonal analytical information for the analysis of the most popular content. Real-time treatment to a server is entered in general statistics, and then, after the Service records the time and ip-address of the visitor, information is removed forever. However, for additional functionality, embedded code of third parties is used.

Third Parties


We use Google Analytics for collect analytics for pics-about-space.com. Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze on a user's prior visits to the website.


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Copyrights abuse

If you are the owner of displayed images and don’t want the image to be used by the Pics-about-space.com service, you can use the "Report image" form, or you can write in the contact us form asking us to hide all the images and all the links to Your site from service.

Service improvement

If you have ideas how to make the Service better, please write us about them in the Feedback form.

Help with project

If you are interested in space theme and in having a part in this project development, please contact us.